Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Academy Lunches

Healthy Eating at OA Brislington

At lunchtime all year groups have their own canteen area. All of the food we serve complies with current government guidelines and we follow National Nutritional Food Standards. All food is cooked on site and the options we provide are nutritionally balanced. We always offer a vegetarian choice.  

Each canteen area offers a great selection of items all purchasable from a very low price (see below). Alternatively students may bring a packed lunch. We ask parents and carers providing packed lunches to choose healthy options with a balanced selection of food including fruit and vegetables, juice and/or water. These will help your child to stay healthy and to concentrate in lessons. Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to school each day which can be refilled at our fountains. 

Introducing Aspens 

We are pleased to introduce you to Aspens who specialise in providing catering for schools and are passionate about serving fresh, high quality and locally sourced food. Aspens use British, Red Tractor Farm Assured meat, fish from sustainable sources, free range eggs, locally sourced fruit and vegetables and follow the School Food Standards.

Each of our servery areas provide hot 'grab & go' options for students on the move! Aspens provide a variety of globally inspired street food concepts, which change regularly so lunchtime is always fresh and exciting. 

Aspens follow the School Food Standards

Our Prices

Mid-morning selection  Price
Panini  £2.10 
Pasta pot (small)  £1.00 
Pasta pot (large)  £1.85
Fruit pot (small)  £0.55
Fruit pot (large)  £1.00
Sweet waffle  £0.75
Chicken wings  £1.50
Pizza (cheese and tomato)  £1.00
Pizza (meat option)  £1.25
Nachos pot  £0.75



Hot deli  Price
Hot panini  £2.10 
Hot pasta (small)  £1.00
Hot pasta (large)  £1.85
Main meal pot  £1.90
Jacket potato with fillings  £1.90
Street food wrap  £1.90


Cold deli  Price
Plain ham and cheese sandwiches  From £1.20
Classic range sandwiches  £1.60
Bloomer range sandwiches  £1.75
Baguette range  From £1.85
Deli baguette  £2.10
Deli wrap  £1.90
Fruit pot  £1.00
Jelly pot  £1.00
Mousse/yoghurt pot  £1.00
Tray bake/cookie  £0.75
Speciality cake  £1.00



Drinks  Price
Viva milk 200ml  £0.75 
Radnor fruits tetra 125ml  £0.50
Radnor fruits tetra 200ml  £0.75
Radnor water tetra 250ml  £0.55
Radnor splash sports cap  £1.00
OMJ tetra 288ml  £0.85
Fruella fruits 250ml  £0.80
Aquajuice cup  £0.55
Radnor fizz 330ml  £0.85


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Applying for Free School Meals

Free Academy meals are available to those families in receipt of Child Tax Credit, Job Seekers’ Allowance or Income Support. Please click the link below to apply for Free School Meals:

Click here to apply for Free School Meals