Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Student Entitlement

The experience of every Oasis Academy Brislington student is shared by our Student Charter and Quality Mark. 

Student Charter - This is the minimum standard we expect from students and staff in every lesson, every day: Work Hard, Look Smart and Be Nice!

Quality Mark - The minimum standard of teaching and learning that we expect in every lesson every day.  

Student Charter

Work Hard, Look Smart, Be Nice

Work Hard

  • Arrive to all lessons, ready to learn, contribute fully and ask questions
  • Be on time and line up quietly at the start of every lesson
  • Listen carefully and follow instructions
  • Put 100% effort into your work
  • Bring the correct equipment to all lessons
  • Make sure your planner is out on your desk at the start of every lesson

Look Smart

  • Take pride in your appearance - blazer and tie, school trousers, shirt tucked in, school shoes on
  • Put all litter in the bins and leave spaces tidy
  • Walk sensibly around the academy, keeping to the left at all times

Be Nice

  • Act kindly, treating others as you would like to be treated
  • Be polite, remembering to say please and thank you and not interrupting
  • Have high expectations of yourself and others. 

OAB Quality Mark

Work Hard

  • Plan well organised, exciting lessons that start on time
  • Have a 'do now' task visible for students to start immediately
  • Use the academy seating plan
  • Register students in the first 10 minutes; recognise and reward punctuality
  • Embrace the language of excellence, use subject specific vocabulary and teach students how to think, speak and write in your subject
  • Structure questions carefully and insist that students respond in full sentences
  • Facilitate regular and impactful feedback to and from students 

Look Smart

  • Model the highest expectations of personal presentation to students
  • Check that each student is wearing their uniform correctly on entry & exit
  • Keep classrooms and offices tidy
  • Use subject specific displays to create excitement and curiosity for learning

Be Nice

  • Model the behaviour you expect to see in others
  • Meet and greet students at the door at the start of every lesson
  • Think positively of every student and treat them equally
  • Always use positive language and tone
  • Celebrate student achievement through displays of excellent student work
  • Keep calm in every situation
  • Have High expectations of yourself and others