Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Uniform Requirements

We take pride in each and every one of our students at the academy and know that they are equally proud to be wearing their academy badge on their uniforms.

Please read this guidance alongside the Oasis National Uniform Policy – which outlines responsibilities held by the academy, parent/carers and students. You can also access this policy through our Policies page.

Why do we have a uniform?

  • Inclusion – uniforms promote our belief of inclusion for all
  • A sense of belonging – the uniform promotes a sense of belonging in each student, academy and the Trust.
  • Safety – if all students in our Trust wear a clearly recognisable, correctly branded uniform it is easy to identify strangers in our academy. On the way to and from the academy it also affords a degree of safety as the students are part of a large body of young people who will look out for each other
  • Preparation for the future – many jobs require staff to wear a uniform and even if there isn’t a uniform there is often a dress code. Uniform helps young people get used to dressing to a prescribed standard. It also helps them know the difference between formal and informal dress
  • Value for money – good quality uniform should be seen as effective value for money by most parent/carers
  • Relieves students form fashion ‘stress’ – a localised academy uniform eliminates the stress placed on students to purchase and wear expensive, fashionable items
  • A sense of pride – Uniform and PE/Sport kits also help students to demonstrate pride in their academy
  • Helps raise aspirations – the smarter you feel the more you believe you can achieve

Uniform Suppliers

Non branded uniform can be purchased from any available retailers i.e.Tesco, Asda, Matalan, Next, Sainsburys, Marks and Spencer & John Lewis.     

Please note that branded items are only available from Monkhouse Schoolwear (Famous School Branches):

Parent Guide link:


Please note that items can be ordered online as well as visiting the shop in person. To order, click on FIND YOUR SCHOOL and then the Oasis Brislington logo. This will take you straight to the uniform page where you can make your selection. At checkout stage you have the following delivery options:

·       Delivery to your home address

·       Free ‘CLICK AND COLLECT’

Monkhouse (shop can be found next to Wilkinsons Hardware store)

140 East Street

Bedminster Bristol

Tel : 0117 966 143


Secondary Uniform

Item Is this a branded item? Optional or required? All year or seasonal?
Academy blazer** Yes Required All year
Blazers can be purchased from a retailer of choice but must have the Oasis Academy Brislington badge sewn onto the pocket area. Badges are available from our uniform supplier as above.
School tie (Should be knotted with the 3 stripes visible)  Yes Required All year
Plain black standard length trousers (no skinny fit, leggings or denim are permitted)  No Required All year
Plain black skirt (no shorter than 2” above the knee. Tube lycra skirts are not allowed) No Required All year
Plain black tailored shorts (should sit on or just above the knee) No Optional All year 
Plain white shirt/blouse, (short or long sleeved button up with a structured collar) No Required All year
Plain black leather/faux leather shoes with a black sole, including trainers if black all over. Laces must also be black.  No Required All year
** During Term 6 students are permitted not to wear their blazers in and around the academy, but they must still bring this to school with them to be able to attend formal occasions such as year assemblies **


***Acceptable Shoes***


Black trainers are now permitted as part of our uniform but they must be completely black (including soles)

Secondary PE Kit

Item Is this a branded item? Optional or required? All year or seasonal?
Compulsory for all students in Years 7-11 
Sports top Yes Required All year

Sports shorts (plain black) or tracksuit bottoms (Short Lycra shorts are NOT permitted). Black leggings for female students are acceptable although they must be appropriate for sport and not see through)

Black mid-length cycling shorts are acceptable (leg length must be closer to the knee than the top of the leg) and must be appropriate for a professional school environment.

No Required All year
1/4 zip long sleeved sports top or training top Yes Required All years
Trainers No Required All year
Plastic football boots for PE lessons on the Astro turf see below ** No Required All year


Acceptable Shorts are as below. These should be black with smaller logos being allowed. 

The following shorts are not acceptable (Short lycra shorts): 




The following jewellery is permitted on site;

Stud & small hooped earrings, rings, bracelets, watches, chain/necklaces (which must be tucked in). Any other visible jewellery is not permitted. Students wearing any other items such as hoop or long earrings will be asked to remove them. 

Facial piercings are not permitted and must be removed or replaced with a clear stud. 

·       Only natural hair colours, no extreme colours

·       No extreme hairstyles & no tramlines in hair or eyebrows

·       No henna or artificial tattoos

·       Make up should be minimal and natural in appearance

·       Hairbands and clips are allowed but must not be wider than 2cm.

·       Fingernails (both natural and extensions) must not protrude beyond the end of the fingers. (See below for an indication of acceptable/unacceptable lengths and styles)

Acceptable Unacceptable



Physical Education

For safety reasons, all jewellery should be removed for all PE activities and long hair should be tied up. If students are unable to remove jewellery, it should be covered with tape.

Religious items

Some students may wish to wear distinctive garments for religious reasons. As an academy we consult with our parent/carers to determine which religious garments are allowed at school.  

Religious head coverings may be worn but must be plain black or white. Students may wear long ankle-length skirts instead of knee-length skirts or trousers. Students may wear long tracksuit bottoms for PE instead of shorts.

No dress is allowed that covers any part of the face from forehead to neck in the interests of safety. It is vital that the academy staff can always recognise who is in the academy.

Should parent/carers require their child to wear a specifically religious garment or symbol they should contact the academy (I.e. the Principal) who, after consultation, will contact the parent/carer with a decision.

The wearing of religious symbols or other insignia is permitted; however these will need to be covered.

Second hand uniform

To ensure that uniforms are affordable for everyone and to reduce our carbon footprint, we have arranged for acquiring or swapping items for second-hand items

Uniform costs and support

The academy takes the cost of our uniform seriously and work hard to ensure that those items that are required can be purchased for a reasonable price that provides good value.

If any parent/carers are concerned about the cost of uniform items, please contact the Principal so we can explore what support is available.