Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Year 6 Induction

Welcome to Oasis Academy Brislington!

Congratulations on securing your place in Year 7 at Oasis Academy Brislington from September 2024! At OAB we pride ourselves on being a vibrant, exciting and successful place to learn. Our fantastic staff work tirelessly towards ensuring that each day our students are the very best they can be.

You are about to embark on a very important milestone which, for many parents and carers, signals a change in expectations regarding developing greater independence and organisation.

Successful transition depends on a range of things such as creating the right environment where students feel safe and secure, to supporting students in developing positive relationships quickly within their tutor groups and with their teachers, and for us as a school, to successfully work in partnership with parents and carers.

It is often parents and carers that worry the most and this can be because, for many of you, your time at secondary school was a long time ago and you are not sure what to expect - you will want to offer your child reassurance and support but don’t necessarily have the information to do so!

There are lots of people here to support students through this transition period and we know that they are bound to be a little bit nervous or anxious – this is perfectly normal!

We look forward to meeting our new Year 7 students and beginning to build those relationships which will last for the duration of their time with us at Oasis Academy Brislington.

Our Transition Team are busy working on making the transition from Year 6 to Year 7 at OAB as smooth and exciting as possible and are in touch with our primary school partners and other relevant agencies.

Beginning your journey with us in Year 7

We have the highest aspirations for every one of our students and are here to support, stretch, challenge, and nurture your child to help them achieve their full potential. We are proud of our learning community and our standards are high - we are sure this is the reason why you and your child have chosen our Academy.

Students here are proud to be part of the Oasis Family which extends right across the globe. We create many opportunities for students to succeed, whatever their ability. Every child really does matter to us and we work hard to ensure students are encouraged to live a life of limitless potential.

As part of a holistic education we believe it is integral that all students embody the 9 Habits in order to lead successful lives and become responsible citizens. It is these characteristics which will ensure the success of all those young people who are part of the Oasis Community and are prepared to seize the opportunities which are placed before them.

We are guided by our Values, Mission and Vision in everything we do and you will quickly learn what it means to be part of our Oasis Family. We will help you develop key character traits and life skills. Your success and happiness is our number one priority. We will guide, support, motivate, and inspire you as we prepare you for a life of limitless potential. Our vision is “Students leave us with the knowledge, skills and confidence to stand as first amongst equals”

Students say that “teachers know us well and know how to support us”

We have a dedicated Transition Team who will work with and support your child throughout the transition into secondary school. 

Our transition team work with staff in each of our primary schools to obtain as much information as possible about the children who will be joining us in September, enabling us to know each student well before they arrive. This means we understand the social, emotional, cultural and learning needs of every student and can plan a rich and varied programme of experiences, which will ensure they succeed.

Alongside this, we host a number of transition days/induction programme at the end of the summer term in Year 6. The days are designed to ensure parents and children feel comfortable and confident about the move to secondary school and are excited about joining us. More information will follow regarding the dates and details nearer the time so please keep checking the website for updates.

Our academic results are improving each year, and many strategies in place have been recognised by Ofsted during their visit in 2021 as a ‘Good School’

We are absolutely thrilled that you have successfully gained a place in Year 7 for your child at OAB. The fact that we are oversubscribed is testament to the work we have done over the past two years.

We cannot wait to welcome you and your child to the Oasis Community!

A couple of dates to put in the diary for you are in the drop down below:

Message from Assistant Principal – Claire Kerslake

Hello, it’s my job to ensure you have a smooth transition from Primary to Secondary school and to have the best possible start. You will see me during the transition day and through your entire time in Year 7. You will find me in the Year 7 Pod in the mornings and I am on duty in the Year 7 canteen every day.

I am looking forward to seeing you grow and develop as young people. The staff and I will be there every step of the way to get the best from you.

The academy is a very welcoming place with lots and lots of opportunities for you to try new things. I am an advocate for getting involved in lots of new activities to challenge yourself.

I firmly believe that the more you put into school the more you get out of it and we will all be encouraging you to get involved as much as you can.

Looking forward to meeting you all on the transition days in July and visiting your Primary schools in term 6.

Oasis Academy Brislington Introduction Video 

For an introduction to our school please click on the image below: