Careers Information for Students

Below we are sharing with you access to the student resource centre for information on careers & careers guidance. Information is readily available on curriculum options & career websites, which also include lots of information regarding Apprenticeships and local Post 16 providers.

You can also access 'GROFAR', our online careers platform where you can update your careers passport which will be useful for you when you apply for your preferred Post 16 option. 

The CV writing timeplan and website provides lots of information on how to complete your CV.



Test Yourself

Take the UCAS Buzz Quiz or the SACU quiz if you are unsure of which direction to think about going in. They can be a good starting point for finding out what your key skills are and what you could do with them post education.

Buzz Quiz



Find out more about your educational options at Brislington!

Options videos

Year 8 & 9 Options Booklet

Careers Support

Need some support with the practical side of finding a job? We've got you covered.

CV Writing Support

Interview Techniques 1 and 2

School Leavers guide to career options

Practice Reasoning (Practice Aptitude Tests) 


Post - 16 providers nearby

Not sure where to go after Brislington? Want to stay in Education? 

List of post-16 providers

Open Days

Apprenticeship Information


Want to go on to study at University? Here are some helpful resources.

Which University?

Student Ladder