Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Spiritual, moral, social and cultural education supports children to develop personal qualities, which are valued in our society. Thoughtfulness, honesty and respect for self and others as well as independence are values, which we want students to have developed when they leave the Academy. At Oasis Academy Brislington we seek to teach these qualities across the curriculum and more specifically through a comprehensive PSHE curriculum.

PSHE provision at Oasis Academy Brislington works across all elements of the curriculum; via the tutor programme, specific subjects in the curriculum, advanced learning days, and as part of our enrichment programme. The ultimate goal of this programme is for it to be inclusive for all, and by providing PSHE via a range of methods it is embedded in all aspects of school life. The PSHE curriculum model aims to meet all individual, group and local needs through this multi-facetted approach. To enable this to work teachers and students are regularly consulted on the content to be delivered ensuring flexibility in the subject material covered and ensuring it is up to date and relevant. This fluid dynamic and evolving model is constantly reviewed and revised to ensure that provision is of the highest quality.

A high-quality citizenship education helps to provide pupils with knowledge, skills and understanding to  prepare them to play a full and active part in society. In particular, citizenship education should foster pupils’ keen awareness and understanding of democracy, government and how laws are made and upheld. Teaching should equip pupils with the skills and knowledge to explore political and social issues critically, to weigh evidence, debate and make reasoned arguments. 

DFE 2013