Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Health & Social Care

"Health and Social Care is about providing physical, emotional and social support to help people live their lives"


"3 million people work in Health & Social Care roles including  Doctors, Pharmacists, Nurses, Midwifes and Healthcare assistants while social care roles include Care Assistants, Occupational Therapists, Counsellors and Administrators"

Pearson 2019

Subject Intent

Health and Social Care equips students at Oasis Academy Brislington to discover the impact of positive and negative human development and how to critically analyse how these factors affect our day to day lives. Health and Social Care enables students to explore academically and practically areas that influence how we develop throughout life stages and in turn raise expectations of how we can live successful and healthy lives now and in our future.

Health and Social Care promotes opportunities for students to draw from real life experiences, case studies and opportunities to undertake research to compliment learning and create skills that will be used throughout their lives. These skills encourage students to think outside typical teenage ego-centrism and begin to challenge the way they perceive the world we live in. Furthermore, highlighting how a human relationships, physical environments and socioeconomic status may influence how they develop.

Through investigation of health and well-being and how our lifestyle choices effect how healthy we are, students access different resources and external agency advice and guidance that encourages them to talk about areas and raise awareness of signs and symptoms of: abuse, addiction, illness and mental health.

Our diverse range of students supplements learning by allowing group discussions to be engaging, promoting time for powerful knowledge and cultural capital to be explored and teenage mindsets to be broadened.

Future Career Pathways:

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