Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


We understand that literacy underpins every aspect of education. We emphasise the importance of impeccable literacy skills in all of our subject areas so that students are supported to confidently speak, write fluently and, through their reading and listening, communicate their ideas and emotions to others. 

Reading for Pleasure

At Oasis Academy Brislington, we believe that all of our students have the right to become confident, fluent and joyful readers.

We know that giving our students regular, high quality and enjoyable opportunities to read for pleasure helps them to build the confidence to communicate their own ideas with intent and conviction.

We also understand that, through reading, young people learn to see the world through the eyes of others, allowing them to build a greater capacity for compassion, patience and openness to perspectives beyond their own experiences.

As part of our pastoral offer, all students have weekly, timetabled reading sessions with their tutors. Tutors collaborate with students to select books which they read, enjoy and discuss together as a class. This shared reading allows students to not only to read together, but also to learn together through group discussion and direct vocabulary instruction led by their tutor.

What is ‘Versatile Vocabulary’?

Vocabulary that can be used across the curriculum and applied to a range of contexts. Subject areas utilise a set list of versatile vocabulary within their lessons in addition to teaching other words of their choosing. By having a consistent approach to direct vocabulary instruction, teachers at Brislington ensure that words are taught with precision and accuracy so that they become part of our students’ knowledge bank, giving them more confidence to speak and write fluently.

All subjects teach vocabulary by:

·       Introducing words over time systematically

·       Providing examples and non-examples

·       Including definitions that are precise and student-friendly (

·       Providing opportunities for students to practise

·       Providing opportunities for student to explore word meanings in different contexts