Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


"Mathematics reveals its beauty only to those who approach it with pure love, for its own beauty"


The OCL Maths Curriculum is designed in conjunction with Mathematics Mastery. This means that students are given a 'thorough' understanding of mathematical concepts, rather than a set of techniques or routines to get to the right answer' (EEF)

Subject Intent

Knowledgeable students

We want our students to be curious learners who can apply their knowledge to the real world. To do this, we enable them with the fundamental knowledge that allows them to acquire fluency in crucial mathematical procedures. This means they can master and retain key concepts which in turn will result in all students fulfilling their academic potential in maths.

Knowledgeable teachers

We want to ensure that our teachers, at all stages of their career are confident in their subject knowledge. We want all teachers to feel empowered to deliver a carefully planned mastery curriculum with crystal clear explanations.

Future Career Pathways 

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