Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


RSHE makes a vital contribution to health and wellbeing by supporting young people’s ability to learn, achieve and flourish. Spiritual, moral, social and cultural education supports children to develop personal qualities which are valued in our society. Thoughtfulness, honesty and respect for self and others as well as independence are values which we want students to have developed when they leave the Academy.      

RSHE aims to give students the knowledge, confidence and skills to cope and be successful in a rapidly changing and unknown future.

Subject Intent 

RSHE at Oasis Brislington supports us in helping to safeguard all students, giving the students the knowledge to make healthy and sensible life choices. The holistic approach promotes healthy bodies, healthy minds and healthy relationships for the students. There is a strong correlation between mental health and wellbeing and academic achievement and this curriculum therefore provides th The curriculum aims to develop a common language that is correct and clear and enables students to communicate their feelings, helping to promote positive mental health. Alongside this, strategies for positive mental health are explicitly taught and practised in the lessons through the mindfulness approach.  Finally, the curriculum aims to engender responsible citizenship and teach British Values through promoting tolerance, respect and equality. Through engaging in the sequential learning, students will develop resilience to function successfully in a rapidly changing world. e foundations to achievement across all of the student’s subject areas.

RSHE at Oasis Academy Brislington permeates all elements of the curriculum; via the tutor programme and assemblies, specific subjects in the curriculum, advanced learning days, and as part of our enrichment programme. The RSHE curriculum model aims to meet all individual, group and local needs through this multi-facetted approach. To enable this to work teachers, students and parents are regularly consulted on the content to be delivered ensuring flexibility in the subject material covered and ensuring it is up to date and relevant. This fluid dynamic and evolving model is constantly reviewed and revised to ensure that provision is of the highest quality.       

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