Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community


Rationale & Principles 

At Oasis Academy Brislington we are working to develop students' ability to work independently and to be successful at anything they apply themselves to in their lives. We know that obtaining good grades at GCSE will open doors in the future for them, and we believe that having regular homework improves the grades students are likely to obtain whilst developing independence, which will lead to success in future studies and careers. 

How much and how often is Homework set?

  • Years 7 & 8: One piece of homework in most subjects once per week, except in History, Geography and RPE when homework is set fortnightly.
  • Years 9, 10 & 11: One piece of homework per subject every week.

What does Homework look like? 

Most homework assignments will utilise online learning platforms, however some subjects may set paper-based homework as well. If a student has a question or issues logging on to access online learning, please contact the school by email at or call 0117 377 2055.

The online learning platforms your child may need to access are:

Microsoft Teams:

•      Username follows this format:

•      year your child joined, last name, letter of first name

•      For example: The username for Jane Doe in year 7 would be 20DoeJ

•      Email follows this format:

•      Password: students should have written this in their planners. If your child has not written the password in their planner and they have forgotten what it is, please email or call 0117 377 2055

Seneca Learning:

•      This is set up using the email of your child’s choice. This means that your child can request a password reset directly from the website.

Sam Learning:

•      Contact the subject teacher directly to reset the password.

•      If you don’t know who the subject teacher is, email with your child’s name and the subject. Your request will be forwarded to the relevant teacher.


•      If your child forgets their password they can request their password reset through the website.

•      This sends a message to their teacher who will then reset the password.

Covid_19 Homework Schedule 

We appreciate that the national lock-down will have had an impact on student learning habits. To support the learning habits and well-being of our students we have put in place a schedule that will demand an ever-increasing time commitment.

Students need to aim to achieve a minimum of 80% on their online homework assignments, but are not expected to spend any longer on the assignment than the allocated time. 

Years 7 & 8 – 1 ½ hours per evening by the end of the year

Click HERE to see a copy of the Years 7 & 8 Homework schedule 

Years 9 & 10 - 2 hours per evening by the end of the year 

Click HERE to see a copy of the Year 9 & 10 Homework schedule 

Year 11 - More than 2 hours per evening by the end of the year 

Click HERE to see a copy of the Year 11 Homework schedule 

Support for Students 

  • Students are issued with a planner for them to record their homework assignments and due dates.
  • Students are able to contact their teachers remotely via Microsoft Teams or emails (school emails only) if they have questions aboutthe homework or need support.
  • Teachers give sufficient time to students to complete each piece of work. Students will have at least one week to complete each assignment.
  • Homework assignments will include clear instructions and a due date.

Expectation of Students 

  • Homework will be completed on time to the best of their abilities.
  • If students do not understand a homework assignment, or can’t access it online, it is their responsibility to ask the teacher for support before the due date.
  • If a student has issues with passwords it is their responsibility to ask for support to help them access online learning platforms.
  • If a student is absent from school when homework is set, it is their responsibility to find out what the homework was and complete it on time. Having access to Microsoft Teams and other online learning platforms will help students identify assignments they need to complete.
  • Illness/other extenuating circumstances - If a student is ill/away for more than two days then they will be  exempt from completing the homework set during that time. If a student is ill/away when a homework assignment is due then they will not be sanctioned for not handing that assignment in.

Homework Rewards

Teachers closely track and monitor homework. Students who complete all homework each week will receive 25 Brislington Charter Points (BCPs) every week.


There is a tiered approach to support students who habitually do not complete their homework. Every half term, data will be collected on the level of homework completion. Those students who are failing to complete homework assignments will initially meet with their SPL, and then a member of the senior leadership team. Parents of these students will also be contacted. The cohort of students who are struggling to complete homework the most in every year group will need to attend compulsory Homework Boost. Homework Boost will start in March 2021. More information will be published in due course.