Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

T & L Newsletter

Oasis Academy Brislington’s Teaching and Learning Newsletter

Welcome to the Oasis Academy Brislington teaching and learning newsletter!

At Oasis Academy Brislington we use up-to-date research and evidence based educational pedagogy to inform our teaching practice. We believe that quality first teaching in every classroom is the most effective way to provide our students with the foundations to being capable and successful learners.

Our in-house teaching and learning newsletter, ‘In Action’, is published every half term. Its aim is to distil current thinking, pedagogy, research, in-house findings, quick take-aways etc. into one place. It is one of many opportunities for support, discussions, dialogue and engagement with and for our own teaching practice, which helps towards consolidating and embedding pedagogy and strategies into our classrooms.

The different sections of ‘In Action’ are:

This Term’s Takeaways summarises what we, as a staff body, have worked on during the previous half term. 

Reading corner recommends some of the most relevant and up-to-date literature.

Brislington in Action shares best practice from around the Academy (putting pedagogy into practice). Teachers share the wonderful work and research that is going on in their classrooms.

Top Tips for Covid teaching are practical tips and ideas on how to make the lives of teachers and students easier while working in the context of the global pandemic.