Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Transforming Learning

Oasis Academy Brislington combines the highest standards of teaching and learning alongside a flexible and relevant curriculum which is designed to enable every student to achieve their personal best. We believe that, when given the right conditions to succeed, all of our students are capable of achieving remarkable success. We expect every student to make positive progress throughout their time at the Academy regardless of their individual challenges or their starting point on entry. The Academy monitors every student’s progress closely. Parents/carers receive a summary of their child’s progress after every assessment point, and there are regular opportunities for discussion with Tutors and Subject Teachers.

We constantly review our curriculum provision and work hard to ensure that our offer serves the needs of our young people in an educational landscape which is constantly changing. We believe in challenging and supporting our young people to achieve remarkable success and have high expectations of all, irrespective of starting point. We believe in arranging classes in terms of prior and recent attainment and as such set in many of our subjects. Class groupings are reviewed following our 5 Assessment Points, with our Subject Leaders carefully considering the attainment and progress of each individual and making relevant group changes to ensure that every individual is in a group which will maximise their progress and ultimately overall attainment.

If, as a parent or prospective parent you have any questions regarding our curriculum content then please contact the Academy on: info@oasisbrislington.org