Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Year 9 Options

In Year 9 students will be making some important decisions about what course(s) they will elect to study in Years 10 & 11. When deciding on these choices it is important that students choose a balance of subjects that reflect their interests, ability and talent. It is important that students read all of the information about the different choices carefully and speak to their Tutor and subject teachers about these.  

A copy of the options booklet for study in 2023/2024 can be downloaded HERE 

Please scroll down the page to view our Parent Options Video

Students should ensure that they: 

·       watch all of the options videos for courses on offer 

·       read the options booklet carefully

·       make sure they read about ALL the courses on offer

·       discuss the choices that they are interested in with their parents

·       talk to the teachers from specific subject areas

·       discuss their ideas with their tutor and;

·       do not choose subjects just because their friends are doing them

Once students have thought about the options that are available, they will need to make final choices of what subject they would like to study. 

We try very hard to match students' choices with the courses that we run. However, we cannot guarantee to run every course as the viability of courses will depend on student uptake and staff availability. All choices will be reviewed and checked to ensure that all students have made appropriate choices.

Year 9 students are encouraged to think carefully about their High Value Option choice as they will be studying this subject for two years. This will give students the maximum amount of time to study the subjects of their choice and reach the best possible outcomes, which will enable them to follow their dreams and aspirations.