Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Exceptional Education at the Heart of the Community

Leaver's Book 2020



We want to wish you a fond farewell, so we have created a Virtual Leavers Book! 

Wishing you every success and happiness for the future.

Did everyone see us do those five years? Because I will not be doing it again!

Katie W

I wish you all good luck in the future and I wish you all the best. The ending of our time at school may not have been what we planned but hopefully it will all work out in the end. I've met some amazing people and thank you to all my teachers who have been there for me over the past five years. I will miss you all. xxx

Summer P

Congratulations on finishing! We know it's been a very strange year, but irrespective of when you left the school please remember how brilliant you all were. You worked really hard and we are all so proud of you! Make sure you take care of each other, find something that inspires you and keep in touch! We'd love to hear how you get on. I wish you all the very best for the future - whatever you do make sure you enjoy it! 

Miss Jackson

Well done everyone! All the very best for the future - You are going to be great!

Miss Barnes


Year 11 has had it's ups and downs but I am really going to miss the good times we all had. Especially in our English lessons.

Molly B

Wishing everyone good luck after leaving Oasis Academy Brislington.


To Year 11, particularly 11yEn3. I have many fond memories of teaching you over the years and many of you have had to put up with me for quite a while! It is really sad that your finale year at Oasis Academy Brislington was disrupted and cut short. I wish you all the best of luck in the bright futures you have ahead of you. All the best and take care.

Miss Long

Wishing you all every success for the future ahead. Take care everyone and keep smiling. Best Wishes

Mrs Hutton

Thank you to all the teachers that have supported me and helped me when I needed it, especially Mr Spring as he helped me the most and changed my approach and attitude to learning.
Thank You!


Thanks to Mr Ovink, Miss Pamby & Mrs Muscat for being there for me as a student and making me feel welcome to the school. Good luck with further years of students to come. xx

Jessica H 

Thanks for an amazing year to all my friends and the staff. Leaving with great memories that will be kept forever.

Alexandra D  

Good luck to all of my friends in September & I wish you all the best!

Olivia B

To my Science class: Remember the bottle will always be with you. Sophie R is the new leader of the bottle; look after it! Joshua R will now be used in a new chapter of the book called "Joshua Trilogy". Dylan will be responsible for scientific research for the leader and make sure Joshua does not contaminate the experiments. Izzy will make cakes for the leader; make sure Matthew does not eat them all! Seth is the peace and law maker for the leader. Owen may the force be with you and the leaders military leader. Jordan will patrol the skies for enemies. You guys have been great. You have looked after me well and I appreciate the fun lessons we had. Thank you for being great students and I will miss you all.

Mr Ahmed

Thanks for the best five years everyone. Going to miss you all. Good luck in the future!

Chloe M 

Thank you to all my teachers, good luck to everyone and stay snazzy!!

Iris C 

I don't think I will ever forget the year I spent teaching 9x/Sc3 (you will know who you are!). The thing that made these 30 students so special was their character. Initially though they used their character collectively against me! I've never taught such a tight knit group of students who would fight the corner for their peers like they did. Once they bought into what I was trying to achieve, it was one of the best few terms of progress and lessons I've experienced in education. The confidence you gained was evident through to Year 11 and I've no doubt had you been able to sit your exams you would have smashed it. If you were in this class hopefully you will remember it as fondly as i do 'fam' (Olivia, 2018).

Mr James 

Thank you to all the teachers I have had over the last five years. You have all been fantastic!

Danielle B

To all the students in the Specialist Centre: I would like to wish each and every one of you the very best of luck in the future; you have been a lovely group of students to teach and to get to know over the last five years. I know it has been very different these last few months but I have had the pleasure of talking to most of you at least twice a week and some of the conversations we have had have been really amusing! Please continue to do the best you can in all that you do and remember, life is for living so go out and live yours! Keep in touch and stay safe.

Miss Bennett

It has been a rollercoaster ride for me here at Oasis but I am happy to say that this school has given me the best education it can give.

Owen I

Well done to the Year 11s from the Specialist Centre. Good Luck in college and for the future. You will all do brilliantly and I have enjoyed teacing you.

Mr MacIsaac

Good luck to you all! I know your last year was not everything you expected it to be but you have come through it stronger and able to cope with (literally) anything the world throws at you! Go out and continue to be you (everyone else is taken) and be the best you can be.

Mrs Capper 

Wishing you all every success for the future and many adventures! It was a pleasure to teach you this year.
à bientôt

Ms O'Hagan

Wishing you all the very best for the future, bon courage!

Mrs Reppold 



Oh Year 11, what a strange year! The lost time with you lot will forever be an unhealed wound in my life! In many decades to come, perhaps on my deathbed I'll look back on my life and wonder " what would life had been like with just three months more with Tiegan, with Tabetha, with Blake and Charlie and all those other fine people? How much fuller would my life have been? Would I have made more of myself?" This lost time will haunt me for the remainder of my time on this planet! In all seriousness though Year 11, you were the stars in exceptionally difficult circumstances and I am immensely proud of every single one of you! It was  an absolute pleasure being part of your year group as a teacher and tutor and it was my honour to work with you over the past five years. Stay safe and good luck in all your future endeavours. All the best.

Mr Spring 

My favourite memory from Oasis was definitely the art camp, it was such a fun time and I got to make more memories with my friends. I'd like to say a massive thank you to my best mates for making my time at school much easier and making everyday fun. They helped me with so much during those tough days and helped me to get through these 5 years. I couldn't have done it without them! I'd also just like to thank Mr Dorber, Mr Spring and Miss Mercer for also making my time at school so much easier and making my lessons enjoyable! Lastly I'd like to thank Miss Pamby & Mrs Muscat for being the best Head of Year and 360YTM I could have asked for; you both sorted all my issues out and were such great support.

Katie A

To my year 11 IT group; My wish for you is that you remember you are all special to me and this is not the end of your journey. Compliment others and be proud of your own accomplishments. I am proud of you. Believe in yourself, for you are stronger than you know. I believe in you. Try hard but know your limits. Ask if you need help and trust others will help you. fill your heart with laughter and smile often. You are all unique, special and amazing people and there will never be another you. Dream, believe, wonder, inspire, love, nurture and always listen.

Miss Lane 

I enjoyed Maths with Mr Veeranna. He has been a great help in improving my maths skills. Thank You!


Hi Year 11. IT has been a lovely experience for me, being with you on this part of your journey. Best wishes for the rest of your journey. May you enjoy good health, peace and success in all that you set out to do.

Mr Veeranna 

Had some good moments and memories.


Thanks to all the teachers who made me laugh and thanks to Mr Spring for a great year 11. Hopefully I will fly through college!

Jack P 

Hello Year 11s. I just wanted to say how proud I am of you all. The last three years have been full of ups and downs and for some it has not always been easy but it has been a pleasure to see you grow. I really hope you get the results you deserve and the future that you want. Thank You for the good time. Best of luck and stay safe. Here's to your next chapter ..........

Mrs Muscat 

I would like to wish the Specialist Centre Year 11 leavers all the very best. It has been a privilege to have worked with you during your time with us.

Mr Brooks

What a strange year it has been for you all and even more of an odd way to say goodbye to you. Although your secondary education didn't end quite in the way we expected it to, I am incredibly proud of the way you all took on the challenge of finding your feet and your independence so quickly. I know that there is a bright future ahead for you all and I look forward to finding out how you are all getting on in your next steps soon. Please continue working hard and having big dreams - most importantly, please remember that "kindness is magic" so be good to everyone you meet along whatever path you take. I will miss you all enormously and feel very privileged to have been able to teach you throughout your time with us. Take care and stay safe xx

Mrs Reed 

I have made lots of good memories and made good friends. Thank you for an amazing five years that I will miss. Good Luck to everyone xx

Eva T 

As much as I complained that I hated school, I miss seeing everyone everyday. Good luck to you all in the future. I'm glad to say I am leaving school with some amazing friends and some hilarious memories. To the class of Covid_19, we are going down in history!!!!

Emily B

Okay so basically I did that all for nothing and I'm quite sad about it but no exams has been a blessing. I've probably had the most up and down journey in school but Year 11 was the best year and all my teachers were fabulous. HOWEVER, Miss Muscat will forever be my second Mum! Thank you to my teachers for giving me so much confidence! I'll miss you all so so much.

April C

What a strange and unexpected end to your time at school! It may have been a strange one but you should still be so proud of everything you have achieved. Go out and follow your dreams! We will miss you.

Mrs Hawkins 

Farewell Year 11 in these strange times. I have very much appreciated the chance to work with and get to know you over the years and I am proud of all that you have achieved. I am really going to miss the card/board game sessions, the wacky humour (Slide whistles, Swag demons, Meat Dog; the list goes on and receiving burns from Dame Trot which will never truly heal. Wishing you all the best for the future.

Mr Stubbs

I really enjoyed Photography camp. It's a shame I cant do it all again. It was amazing and my memories of it will stay with me forever

Adam W

To Joe, Lawson, Grace & Henry. It has been an honour teaching you guys. You have made my lessons fun and enjoyable. Sending you my best wishes and wishing you every success in the future.Thank you for being great students!

Mr Ahmed

Good Luck on your future adventures. Keep working hard and you can achieve anything! It has been a pleasure to watch you all grow into the young adults you now are. Best of Luck.

Mrs Green

It has been a privilege working with you. Good luck for the future.

Mrs Liptrot 

Well #Team2020, that was all incredibly crazy wasn't it! I really enjoyed my time as your Student Progress Leader and watching lots of you work so incredibly hard during the first part of Year 11. There aren't many people who have had a final year at school that is similar to yours and I am sure it has been really tough. I really wish you all the best and the most magic of futures. I know you have the potential to go onto great things and look forward to celebrating with you on results day.

Miss Pamby 


Believe it. Do it!