Letters Home

We know that letters home don't always make it there on time, or may get lost. Therefore we will send a message to parents whenever a letter is sent home and also provide you with a digital copy here available to download throughout the year. 

Letters issued during the academic year 2019-2020 can be found below




Principal's Letter Term 1 September 2019 6th September 2019 
Specialist Centre Parents' Letter  16th September 2019 
Scopay Parent Letter  18th September 2019
Year 7 Homework Letter  18th September 2019
Paris Trip Letter  16th October 2019
STEM Family Challenge (Date of Event: 6th November 2019) 25th October 2019
Careers Event for Year 8 (Date of Event: 14th November 2019) 25th October 2019
Year 11 Careers Information Event (Date of Event: 14th November 2019) 25th October 2019
Principal's End of Term 1 Letter October 2019 25th October 2019
Year 7 PSHE Letter  25th November 2019
Christmas Dinner Letter (must be ordered in advance)  2nd December 2019
Homework Reflection System changes  6th December 2019
Perfect Plate Cookery Club Letter  19th December 2019
Principal's End of Term 2 Letter December 2019 20th December 2019
Year 7 Parents' Evening Letter  8th January 2020


Information for new Year 7 students

Letters/Forms issued to Parent/Carers 


Documentation Letter  June 2019 
Student Contact Sheet/GDPR Consent/Biometric Data   June 2019           
Medical Conditions/Medication Sheet  June 2019
Home Academy Agreement June 2019
Key Information/Uniform Details June 2019
Student Charter  June 2019
Supplementary Privacy Policy June 2019
Free School Meals Application Form  June 2019
Student Charter Passport  September 2019